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Google Map/Chat API Development

Google Map/Chat API Development

Using Google features we can increase our business productivity like Move Me search, StreetView, Near By Attractions, Google Auto complete, Distance wise search, Radius wise search, Google Analytics features. holiday website details

Ramdas Infotech having a great experience in developing Google ffeatures and chatting system for web application and mobile application. In this present era, chatting apps are gaining more popularity because they involve real time human-to-human chatting. Chatting apps are no longer a medium to send just text messages but they also offer a great platform to share pictures, audios and videos with no additional charges or no time delay. Everything is transferred instantly, with in a fraction of seconds and they also allow users to make free over the internet network calls, with no extra calling charges. And all this is done in a very secure manner.

Google Map and chatting system is easy to configure with any application. google features are mostly use with hotel and holiday package system.

Features & Benifits of Google Map/Chat API Development

Move Me Search
Near By Attractions
Show result in Map view
Distance Calculate
Google Autocomplete
Radius wise search
Third Party Chatting system
Increase our business productivity
Help in search process
Filter Process Easy
Easy Configuration
Plug n play concept
benifits img